wedding planning

manis & mimosas, oh my!

Pulled off a fabulous mani and mimosa party (special thanks to Jen from Jamberry Nails). The rest of the day leading up to it however, not so fab. I only have three bridesmaids; my MOH lives close by, my sister is in Los Angela’s, while the other is a close fried from college who resides…… Continue reading manis & mimosas, oh my!


sweating for the wedding

One thing I truly enjoy about the WE network show Bridezillas is what a stunning example it provides of how NOT to behave. My bridal party gals will sometime accuse me of being too soft, leaving me to think we should have a little slumber party/marathon and they can see how horrendous these brides treat…… Continue reading sweating for the wedding

wedding planning

too blessed to be stressed…

Current Background Movie: The Wedding Date w/ Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney Hooray! My gorgeous custom planner arrived from Jenni today. Highly recommended for all your personalized journal and planner needs. I was obsessed with TVD a few years back and this website provided me the exact replica of Elena Gilbert’s green journal. Oops, talk…… Continue reading too blessed to be stressed…