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Current Background Movie: The Wedding Date w/ Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney

Hooray! My gorgeous custom planner arrived from Jenni today. Highly recommended for all your personalized journal and planner needs. I was obsessed with TVD a few years back and this website provided me the exact replica of Elena Gilbert’s green journal. Oops, talk about dorky overshare.

The week turned out surprisingly well after its rough start. This planner had been in my online cart for weeks and when I got home Monday night (after folding most of the floor laundry and switching from booze to apple juice. Don’t judge me!) I finally decided to make the purchase. As luck would have it, suddenly it’s 50% off! Oh the little things.

I successfully interviewed for a new job, honey is off work due to rain so I was pampered with the most glorious breakfast Thursday morning. While lounging about on Friday I received an all too familiar call from work, requesting my presence -once again- to cover a shift. Highly recommend The Revenant, if you’re into incredibly adventurous, violent and bloody epics. Plus, who doesn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy? Oooh laawd *fans self*

Check my film therapy blog  for more, I may do an in depth review!

The best part of the week however, was the relief felt after such an unnecessary anxiety filled laundry day. I finally managed to obtain the rights to our photos from the photographer we chose. I suggest every bride consider this and especially if you are on a budget. Personally, paying $5.00 for a single 4×6 print and almost $20 for each 8×10 was simply out of the question. Sure they use only professional printing companies and I understand not wanting your professional photos printed at a pharmacy/grocery store. This might lessen your brand when others see a low quality duplication of your art… However, “Ain’t no body got time for that” #ByeFelicia.

                                               Northern California                                                                

                                                    Central Valley 


Foothill Photography  These lovely people do family, engagement, maternity and even high school senior photos! Wedding packages start at $1700. Engagement sessions are one hour at $150.

Jessica LoCicero Covers weddings starting at $1799 and 1 hour coverage for portrait packages at $120. 

Wedding Bug* by all means use this service for an astoundingly low price. My researched package included 6 hours of wedding day coverage, 40 prints of my choice (any size), a premium collection of photos said to be edited by graphic designers, a DVD of all images with full rights for reprint, web hosting for future prints up to one year, and a 40 image slide show, came to a little over $915. Included in this price are location (25.00 fee) shipping and handling (26.80 fee), and the $150 deposit. Tax will not be calculated until you complete the reservation. The deal breaker for me came when finding out that my assigned photographer would not selected until 2 weeks before our wedding! I was told I’d be able to correspond with whomever they chose by phone or e mail. I don’t know about you but I would like to have a lengthy in person conversation with the photographer I am entrusting to capturing such special moments and essentially attend our event as our guest. Maybe it’s my overactive imagination, combined with an affinity to prepare for the worst, but I can think of some horrific scenarios involving an unknown photographer showing up belligerent or rude or in anyway problematic at our wedding and having no back up prepared. 

Julia Croteau Photography providing wedding and portrait photos. A base 5 hour coverage package including engagement session and DVD images of both engagement and wedding day photos currently starts at $1095. 

I’ll be posting my research on cake, floral, attire, accessories, and salon services as the planning progresses. Luckily we have decided on an incredibly affordable, all inclusive venue at the Sequoia Mansion, by Wedgewood.

So much more to come!


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