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manis & mimosas, oh my!


Pulled off a fabulous mani and mimosa party (special thanks to Jen from Jamberry Nails). The rest of the day leading up to it however, not so fab. I only have three bridesmaids; my MOH lives close by, my sister is in Los Angela’s, while the other is a close fried from college who resides about two hours away. Well she calls about 30 min prior to her expected arrival to say she wasn’t going to make it. I can’t say I didn’t cry… just a little. My fiance then drove me to my MOH’s home (knowing I’d be filling up on Mimosas) and from there we headed to Yard House in Roseville, CA. Lunch at least was phenomenal. I highly suggest the Southern Belle cocktail. Yuuum. Also, the asada street tacos were superb. Cut to the most disappointing dress shopping experience of all time…

The place was packed, my stylist was not the least bit stylish. Hoards of women in ball gowns were bumping into one another, all dressing rooms were filled, all the selections I came prepared to try on were unavailable. Talk about epic fail! I had a very pretty bridesmaid dress in mind; elegant, understated, but most of all affordable. I figured I could dress it up a bit with a gorgeous lace trim veil and wear it as my wedding dress. That is, until our ‘stylist’ gave me a salty look and responded “That’s not even a wedding dress.” Now for the most part, I am a level headed lady. I don’t like to give attitude or make for uncomfortable situations, especially with my MOH standing by my side. That said, having spent 7 years as a retail manager after attending school for apparel management, I guess you could say I have come to know and expect a certain level of service. I refused to make a scene, but the treatment of this young lady solidified my decision to look elsewhere. We finished up our appointment by trying on the Cinderella gown, just for funzies. Though totally gorgeous, this bodice embellished glitter tulle dress is no where near my personal realm of comfort. Later that night I showed my fiance, warning him to not like it because I’d never wear something so extravagant. Of course he got all verklempt and loved the dress. Too bad so sad.

Next up was a new day new (million times better) experience with Katelyn at the Bouffant Rouge hair and makeup studio in Folsom. Love, love, LOVE this gal. Such a warm personality, full of sunshine. New mom, small business owner, British hubby, just the kinda woman you wanna chat with for hours about her fun and exciting life! All the worries of the previous days bridal appointment from hell dissipated after just 10 minutes in this comfy cozy salon. With hair and make-up on point, I headed to the Folsom Hotel. Had a couple shots of my new fave Bulliet Whiskey, met some more great people (Kiersten & Bryan from Elk Grove). We bounced around short story and screen play ideas with this haunted saloon making for a perfect setting, then my gorgeous future hubby and his parents arrived and we were off to our engagement shoot!

The ladies form Foothill Photography were also amazing and entertaining. I guess you could say they were playing off our families personalities; one side passive-aggressive and the other (mine) in your face, all on the table types. Luckily I was a peppy, dance break having, spirited lady throughout, thanks to the preparation shots I took down just before. My grandparents even took time from celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary to be there with us and I couldn’t have been more thankful. We got some great pictures around Old Folsom, my personal favorite was in front of the Rail Road Museum. The proprietor who had closed up shop for the day came over let us on the train! Seriously, the pic is good enough to be on the cover of tourism pamphlets for the City of Folsom. Just saying.

As a closing note I’d like to say that most of my life has been filled with heart ache and disappointment when it has come to past romantic relationships. Even friendships. I would say that all of my past experiences have helped me to really appreciate the kindhearted and accommodating partner I now have. For me personally, I do not think I would have had the understanding of just how lucky I would later be to find ‘the one’. I count my blessings every day for the struggles that lead me to where I am.



e. darby




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