sweating for the wedding

Just breathe

One thing I truly enjoy about the WE network show Bridezillas is what a stunning example it provides of how NOT to behave. My bridal party gals will sometime accuse me of being too soft, leaving me to think we should have a little slumber party/marathon and they can see how horrendous these brides treat their friends and loved ones. Perhaps then they might reconsider. Personally, I care much less about the ritual and extravagance of a wedding and more about seeing our guests having an unforgettable time. After all, we’ll be happily married regardless of how the ‘party’ turns out.

During what is sure to be a challenging yet rewarding period of any bride/grooms existence, planning a wedding is undoubtedly stressful. Recently I was sent an email by the wonderful Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center on the benefits of fitness. I personally catch myself in tightly wound moments throughout the day when considering everything that remains on my to do list. Currently I attend Cal Fit and do my best to make it in at least 3 times a week. In particular the Cycle, Group Fitness, and Zumba classes are among my faves. In the past I’ve been really fond of barre fitness as well. This is great for anyone who might suffer lower back strain and especially those wanting to keep up with a low endurance exercise while pregnant. My favorite studio is U Barre on J and 57th but if you’re in the Bay Area, or in one of their many other  locations throughout the US, The Daily Method is extremely professional and utilizes a convenient online scheduling system similar to U Barre.

If you find there just isn’t enough time in the day for attending classes, even a quick and simple meditation session in the comfort of your home or office cubicle, can be extremely beneficial in a variety of ways:

  • Decreasing anxiety, depression, stress, blood pressure.
  • Helps to increase brain function, cognitive skills, and decision making.
  • Also us known to manage ADHD, emotional outbursts, and even plays a role in cultivating positive self esteem and general optimism.

Meditation is held in high regard by medical and holistic practitioners alike. I frequently use audible for many of my literary needs, it’s a great alternative to hearing the same song over and over on the radio. Currently my library consists of some great meditation finds; Meditation for Beginners by Meditation Guru,  Transcendence by Norman E. Rosenthal M.D., and my #1 go to Sit Like A Buddha; A Pocket Guide To Meditation by Lodro Rinzler.

*Try this excellent energizing smoothie pre or post session!

I am also a firm believer in technological assistance to help alleviate the encompassing responsibilities of self-planning. Lady Marry (for Android) is one example, as I’m sure many similar apps exist, Lady Marry sends out an email at the beginning of each month, listing important tasks to be completed. This month my tasks include making an appointment to try on dresses, and choosing an officiant. I am very fortunate that my uncle is an ordained officiant and has accepted to lead us in our vows. Being that my fiance and I are rather nontraditional, a short Buddhist prayer will be read and then it’s off to the reception!

It can be just as exciting as it is nerve wracking to plan a wedding. I like to act as my own cheerleader, reminding myself to hang in there and remember, it’s only one day, then you embark on the rest of your life, where you’ll enjoy so many more wonderful experiences 🙂


e. darby



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