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When putting on a wedding becomes more for everyone else than for you and your partner, it may be time to re-prioritize. Without family footing the bill, it became quite apparent there was no reason to try and incorporate the suggestions of everyone lining up to offer an opinion. Just because they might expect a certain flair of opulence doesn’t mean it’s the appropriate representation of me, or my Taoist practicing hubby-to-be. If I had it my way, without an iota of consideration for the comfort or sensibilities of others, there would be less than thirty guests situated under the illuminated canopy of the redwood forest. Trees would be adorned with twinkly fairy lights as we dance the night away to the musical styling of a talented (affordable) acoustic guitarist. On the epic, no expense spared approach, we’d have an exquisite masquerade ball, same location, add in a hauntingly romantic carousel and tables filled with French pastries and Italian cusine. I also love the idea of having the entire event in a charming little barn, maybe somewhere in Sonoma. So long as everyone has a great time, what does it really matter where or how much it costs. As it stood, if we didn’t go ahead with this complete overhaul, we would then have to forego the highly anticipated LOTR honeymoon of our dreams. Giving up two weeks of self discovery in the most unique landscape in the world in exchange for exhausting our budget on a reception? No way! Once we bother agreed this was not an option, we (ok I) carefully crafted the following last minute, budget friendly, summer-time beach wedding 🙂

Granted I happened along on pure luck as most of Michael’s beach theme and eclectic decor was on a huge markdown. I was able to pick up a few bags of beautiful sea glass, chalk boards, and a blue rustic wood frame perfect for our alternative guestbook. Luckily, the antique Parisian country theme we’d had previously, still fits in line perfectly with this new beach vibe, including theses awesome biodegradable birch straws.

The cost of our highly sought after photographer- featured on a recent real weddings cover- was not cheap to start. Add in the cost of accommodation and travel from Placerville to the Bay area and well, it’s a good thing we’re saving so much on the venue now cause… ouch. At any rate, I am fully comfortable and happy with our choice. Knowing you really get along with and can rely on the one person in charge of capturing every moment of your special day is truly priceless.

Sacramento Weddings

I was also able to find a replacement for our flowers, utilizing a search of flower shops close to the area, I lucked out with the family owned El Camino Florist in South SF. I’ve requested something along the lines of Blake Lively’s epic wedding bouquet:


The date: August 13th, will be the two year anniversary of our first date and my lucky number! Having 13 incorporated in the most memorable day of our lives, not to mention being near the ocean in Pacifica, where I was sure as a child I would get married, I couldn’t for a better better scenario. We were initially advised to hold the wedding during the off season, on a weekday to save money. So originally we opted for a Sunday in December, not wanting to be all alone on a weekday evening, understanding that our loved ones have demanding lives. In addition, I was incredibly worried that one guest in particular would take full advantage of the bar and thus, we cut the reception time short. With recent developments, occurring just before all the other changes, I decided it was best (and well over due) to remove that person from my life completely. It’s almost as though, once I made that decision, all the decisions to fallow just fell into place. I am convinced it was the universes way of telling me I’ve made the right choice. Now, with a new found lease on life, a preferred wedding location and expedited date, even an exciting new career on the horizon, I couldn’t ask for anything more that to be married to the love of my life this summer. ♥

A few Etsy shops we’ve used:

People often reminisce on the early days of their relationship. I think, after we’ve been married for 10-20 years I won’t be looking back to the beginning. The start of our relationship was riddled with uncertainty; will he call again, will I see him again, do I have time for a relationship. Nope, I thinking I will look back fondly on these more recent moments. Living in the heart of downtown Sacramento with our black cat, sans kids. Budgeting for our life, our wedding, eating sushi and taking trips to the movies and local bars. Being laid off two summers in a row while remaining incredibly thankful to have such a supportive and understanding partner in my corner, cheering me on. Forever.


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