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keeping away the wedding woes

Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean life’s external stressors suddenly halt before you. As the world grieves, it’s easy to become distracted by the overwhelming and often times conflicting emotions we may be experiencing; sadness for the devastation and loss, happiness for upcoming nuptials and celebrations, thankful for your loved ones safety. While remaining sympathetic to the suffering of others, we are also left to face mounting personal commitments.

I will shortly be venturing into a long awaited career following my recent college graduation, a summer move into a new home, a wedding (duh), tough counseling sessions both on my own and with my future husband, and most pressing of all,  a very  long awaited decision to cut out a  toxic family member. Talk about stress, on stress, on stress. I am now faced with how this will effect my remaining family attendance at our wedding. Will I be all alone, with no one to walk me down the isle? Already my non related guests well exceed related guests. What it comes down to however, is that no matter how sad or alone it may feel to loose touch with some one, if that person has truly proven time and again that they thrive off of your failures and upsets, obviously the removal of said individual is long overdue. Easier said then done, believe me. I am finding the closer the relative, the more difficult it is to let them go. Equally difficult will be awaiting the blow back from this necessary decision; including negative comments and ‘how could you’ judgments.

Planning a wedding has a tendency to wear on you. Suddenly everyone has an opinion on how you should carry out your special day and begin offering unsolicited advice while simultaneously questioning your decisions.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am one of those unfortunate people pleasers, so it becomes increasingly difficult even  attempting to acquiesce to multiple requests. Close friends tell me it should be about what I want or what we as a couple want, and to forget about the rest. Especially since we bear sole responsibility for the majority of funding our event. So why do I continue allowing others to dictate?

That said,  I remain diligent in my efforts to maintain a positive mindset, ensuring that mind and body are in optimal health. It has already been nearly a month since we started the keto-diet and I am so thankful to be 11 lbs lighter! Though I can’t help but look back on the journey so far. Mostly I think back to the Monday before we began our new no grain, no sugar lifestyle. The cake tasting. So many little cakes with exquisite frosting, and the chocolate and yummy deliciousness of those dreamy moist mini cupcakes. I was apprehensive to the point of becoming out right defensive, believing there was no way I could possibly quit bread. More than that, I knew for a fact I could never give up sugar! The first few days were a struggle, as our bodies began transitioning from being reliant on all of the unhealthy sugars and fillers we’d grown accustom to, instead becoming forced to burn excess fat. Not being able to work out with my strength training group or do spin regularly was also rough. Our body grew weak and sleepy from being deprived of all the preservative ridden options we were use to eating.

Day 3 I made the choice to take up yoga regularly. It started with a gentle intro class but quickly moved on to mixed levels. Before I knew it I my brain fog had all but completely dissipated and I’ve noticed since being on this diet that my gut health has improved to the point were I no longer experience constant cramps and discomfort. I’ve found so many alternatives for sugars, baked goods, even dough-free and delicious cauliflower pizzas. Recently, during a yoga session at Cal Fit, the instructor mentioned she works at a studio in addition to subbing at the gym. Below I have provided an excellent list of the multiple yoga locations throughout our Greater Sacramento Area:

{Photo @sacraluna}                                                                           The Best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.

Yoga Shala-2030 H street: They also have an additional studio at 4397 Arden Way.

Asah Yoga-1050 20th St. #110: This location is somewhat challenging. Located in the very busy (very fabulous) Lavender Heights district, parking may prove to be scarce.

Zuda Yoga-Has multiple locations throughout Sacramento and beyond! They’re also part of an awesome day long event coming up May 7th in Natomas; Wanderlust 180. This mini festival’s schedule begins with a 5k, followed by yoga, meditation, tribal body paint lessons, a great wholesome and organic lunch (extra cost), and even yoga sessions infused with DJ tunes!

A long-term goal is to attend Wandlerlust Squaw Valley. A weekend long festival (ever done paddle board yoga?) near Tahoe. Not to mention all the other amazing retreats and sanctuary’s you can visit all over the world!

Need a yoga mat? Yoga pants? My high recommendation would be Lucy Activewear and recently discovered Zella; a Nordstrom in house active brand. The ‘Live In’
leggings have been so great, especially the high rise capris. Personally I’m still working on a bit of excess abdominal baggage and these go well above the belly button to help smooth out things. They’ve also been a welcome addition to my recently explored passion of Irish step dancing. Thanks to the newly remodeled Fremont School for Adults (now the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Artshere in Downtown, I finally have a place to fulfill a childhood dream of competitive step dancing. Many thanks go out to the McKeever School for allowing me to pursue this amazing opportunity.

The ultimate advice I have for navigating various ups and downs you’ll inevitably experience, both wedding planning and beyond; take a moment for shavasana, brush off the stress if even for a moment, be kind to yourself and others. After all…YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! 😛





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