le bonheur et la tristesse

The reason I began this blog was to discover new and hopefully exciting things about myself, and to have a platform far removed from the more analytical set up of my cinema blog. I’ve been trying on different tones and styles through this little site and hopefully I continue to have a healthy dose of diverse topics and things to share. Just to prepared the reader, what I am about to describe is bit more raw and potentially emotional than my previous posts.

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keeping away the wedding woes

Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean life’s external stressors suddenly halt before you. As the world grieves, it’s easy to become distracted by the overwhelming and often times conflicting emotions we may be experiencing; sadness for the devastation and loss, happiness for upcoming nuptials and celebrations, thankful for your loved ones safety. While remaining…… Continue reading keeping away the wedding woes

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Laundry days and Mondays (and wedding planning) always get me down…

Current Motivational Tunes: John Lennon Watching the Wheels Ok so I actually really enjoy doing laundry. We have a local place here in Midtown Sac that’s really great! However, I sit here as the rain pours and my fiancés bright orange work closes turn round and round while I am left thinking of how I’ve begun…… Continue reading Laundry days and Mondays (and wedding planning) always get me down…