wedding planning

Laundry days and Mondays (and wedding planning) always get me down…


Current Motivational Tunes: John Lennon Watching the Wheels

Ok so I actually really enjoy doing laundry. We have a local place here in Midtown Sac that’s really great! However, I sit here as the rain pours and my fiancés bright orange work closes turn round and round while I am left thinking of how I’ve begun wading neck deep in wedding planning, which I currently find to be a much less enjoyable experience. I know what you may be thinking, this girl is ‘cray’, she would rather do laundry than plan her wedding. Well yes, and no? I am a little unconventional one might say. I don’t need the Cinderella dress (though it is stunning isn’t it), the hanging crystals, and 20k flower arrangement cascading form the ceiling like an allergy inducing waterfall, nope I am a simple gal. I often daydream of owning a barn we could spruce up for the perfect summertime wedding at next to no cost. Instead, we have booked a beautiful 18th century mansion on a brisk SUNDAY afternoon in mid December of this wondrous new year. We live in Northern California and I know I know, it never rains in sunny California…wait, I think it actually goes, it never rains in Southern California (I’ll have to get back to you). In any case, it definitely rains and has even been rumored to snow at the lower elevation where my fiancé and I will be exchanging nuptials. So the current stage of planning has me pondering why it is everyone charges so dang much for weddings?! *If you tell your vendor or hair stylist or whomever you choose to try and get away with it, that you need them for an ‘event’ you can actually save a pretty penny. Or so I hear. I blame the average American bride who spends upward of 30,000 on their wedding. Oh… by the by, if you came here expecting to see the magical journey of a well off bride posting epic and professional pics leading up to her platinum style wedding day, not happening. I am more of the country bumpkin, raised in the city, newly college graduate, working part time at a tanning salon bride, who will take every bit of advice and discounts available! Ehem….hint hint to the comments section if you have fun things to offer this struggling mess of a girl (winkey smiley face).

This day started with an overpriced parking ticket (No parking in front of your home on Mondays due to street cleaning, though we never do street cleaning. Ever. #sorrynotsorry, Sacramento Parking Enforcement), crying over laundry after my inability to find an affordable- I’ll even settle for semi-professional- photographer. Then of course there was no time left to fold said laundry because work called me in early, where I was left to close up shop alone, got slammed, backed up, and trapped cleaning till the wee hours of the night (10:30pm). The honey is asleep, the clothes are all over the bed, the crock pot chili I left out a recipe for is cold, yet still delicious. Upside: there’s plenty of organic margarita mix with Sauza to go around…or at least enough to help me pass out with a clear conscience after I throw all of this fresh-n-clean laundry onto the floor.  zZzZ



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