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et le bébé fair trios

From newlywed to new…parents?

I love being obscure. Obviously I also ❤️ all things French (they just do everything better). I constantly see people posting pics of their children on social media and it makes me cringe, for one simple fact; a child is underage. I get creeped out over all the weirdos that have acces to so many pictures of these innocent children! Granted, I’ll admit to way too much of my time being spent at sword and scale, but still. I want more than anything to be that annoying Instagramer who only post pics of her child’s feet, or the back of their head. Keep everyone guessing. After all, if we’re truly close friends then you will be able to see said bundle of joy in person, negating the need for an obnoxious overabundance of bébé posts. Had you told me I would even be entertaining this idea of kids at such an early stage of our marriage I’d have been very dismissive. No way had I know if I even wanted kids, let alone had the slightest idea of when. Yet here we are, the paradigm shifting suddenly in our life, on my blog…my Instagram 😉 Yes our child already has their own Instagram. Purely for marketing reasons I assure you. In all honesty, I’ve been listening to the book, The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth on Audible of course. I don’t know if it’s the varied advice by knowledgeable Dr. Moms on just about every topic you could imagine, or the soothing voice of narrator Kathy Broderick, but since I’ve been listening, I feel so much more at ease with our decision. They advised to create a journal for your children to read when they’re older, the millennial in me decided, what would be better than an electronic version?! And so the idea for @littlemissadaline was born. The name may need to be changed should we have a little mr. lochlan instead. ⭐️

I thought, at the beginning of this whole wedding process that I would wait maybe a year-or two, or more-before even considering kids. Now, as we are three months away from our honeymoon I am looking forward to conceiving in New Zealand. After all, we’re both settled in our jobs now, extremely happy, my husband and I are on the same page about wanting kids (he became more excited than me!), and we’ll be moving into a bigger home by early next year. There are so many factors to consider still; how long I’ll be out of work, will we or wont we get help with taking care of our new little bundle, will we travel still? I’ve requested info from Au Pair in America. If we went this route, we would need to then make sure we had an appropriate environment for not only a new baby but a live-in Au Pair. Then there’s the small possibility that I may not conceive right away, if at all. I try my best to stay positive but I am also hyper-realistic…if that’s a thing? I tend to think about every possible possibility before I make up my mind on any decision. This and other factors have kept me from wanting to get pregnant in the past, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering the potential fathers I would have been bound to. I’ve never been more confident that my partner will make an exemplary father. Not to mention how peaceful the idea became once we really sat down and agreed on our decision. So many wonderful journeys lie ahead and I can’t wait to share each one.


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