wedding planning


With our wedding day behind us, my new hubby and I are left in utter bliss over how amazing our loved ones responded in preparation for our special day. Never before have I seen such an eclectic group come together in honor of a bride and groom.  I am still humbled and elated by this experience. Though I wouldn’t change a thing, as I scroll through the remaining feeds of wedding ideas, I can’t help but notice gorgeous scenes depicted in real -or most likely staged- weddings. This article reminds all of us that our wedding can be special in its own way, representiting each of us and our partners individuality. My husband and I were so lucky to pull together an extremely affordable beach wedding on such a small budget, knowing we had agreed that an extravagant New Zealand honeymoon had become top priority. The outcome: we were well under budget, arranged a beautifully overcast and much more prefered intimate gathering, incurring little expense on decor, dinner, and spirits. I was able to put on an epic and revealing ladies bowling night prior to the big day, and an emotional rehersal dinner was had, complements of my hospitable in-laws. The hand fasting ceremony was beautiful and one of a kind, the ceremony script paid homage to our open-minded spirituality, and my uncle presiding was another gift I remain incredibly appreciative for. The extra night spent in San Francisco, enjoying our favorite bands involved with the Unity Tour at the SF Masonic was just what we needed; including a quaint and well situated Ocean Park stay.

Summer is surprisingly winding down, another yearly vacation under our belt, I’m happily working to prove myself in a probationary period with a new job, and a soon approaching Christmas honeymoon on its way. I can honestly say that there could not be a more full and enjoyable life out there for me.


Mrs. Spencer

**Special thanks to carat323 for their beautifully engraved tungsten wedding band, the chosen message of mon chevalier, a reminder to my husband that he saved me from a dark and unsure time in my life. Also, SeaToLandDesigns for these

img_0302last minute boutonnières. A sweet and delicate addition to the powder blue ties, sand color vests, and soft grey pants worn by the groom’s party.



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